Google Passage Ranking is also called Passage Indexing means that individual passages of a web page’s sentences or phrases can now rank by Google. Recently, passage indexing was built on Google’s 2019 Bert Algorithm that aims user’s queries to understand the scheme and it mainly focuses on natural language and long-tail queries. 


How Google Passage Ranking Works


Google passages allow Google to rank specific, not just the page itself but the relevant passages from a specific page. So preferably, aside from Google’s only taking the relevancy of the entire page, they also size up the relevancy of a specific section of the page.

That means Google will still evaluate the entire pages, backlinks, on-page SEO, UX signals, and Google’s other page-level ranking factors will still apply. Now, the only advantage is that a single page has a higher chance now to rank if and only if the page is optimized and organized.


Organize Your Content Into Discrete Sections


It is doable that Google will rank passages of a certain page semi-independently. Disorganized pages cant easily divvy by Google, it still considers each section like a mini page.

By means of this, your content needs to be divided up into the allotted section, which each section should cover a specific subtopic, so it’s advisable to organize your content in very clear sections.


Double Down on Long-Form Content


There is a disadvantage of long-form content, it could sometimes get the better of a more focused page. Like a section on a page about writing blog post intros. If an entire page dedicated to writing post intros, Google ranks the entire page about post intros over you in some cases. That is your competitor’s page was 100% focus on that topic which could be better for someone looking to write finer introductions.

At the moment, 5, 10, or even 100 unique passages that Google can now analyze a single piece of long-form content and each one has a good strike of ranking in Google. Since Google can divide up a single page into apparent passages, you can expect long-form content to word even better for SEO this 2021.


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